iFoster forms partnerships with hundreds of companies, government agencies, non-profits, and foundations who can supply the critical resources, supports and opportunities these children and youth need. 1. iFoster provides tangible resources like laptops, tutoring, eye glasses, and more. 2. Core to iFoster is service. Our Resources and Supports are available 24/7 online and accessible via computer, smartphone or tablet. Every member personalizes their iFoster experience by setting their preferences in their personal My Account. iFoster assists by suggesting resources and placing them directly in a Member's My Account. And iFoster ensures that Members get the Resources they want and are eligible for. iFoster has formed partnerships with every business, agency or non-profit providing a resource. If a Member ever runs into trouble accessing a resource, iFoster will escalate the issue with the appropriate partner to resolve it. 3. iFoster provides supports to Transition-Age Youth. A personal Digital Locker, Rewards for achievements and a virtual personal assistant that helps Youth securely store their vital documents, find resources, apply for programs, get rewarded for their successes and keep track of it all so they are in control of what they need to succeed. 4. iFoster provides job opportunities for Transition-Age Youth. iFoster is partnering with employers in the $620 Billion Grocery Industry to provide job opportunities for foster youth aging out of the system. The iFoster Jobs Program provides opportunities for full-time and part-time jobs that come with benefits, scholarships and tuition reimbursement, and career advancement.

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Ages 16 to 24 (older accepted) Current Foster/Kinship/Crossover Youth. Former Foster/Kinship/Crossover Youth. For certain programs you will be required to submit documentation to qualify. Each program will specify.

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