Resource guide

Free legal services for TAY under extended foster care/AB12; education advocacy; sealing/expungement of criminal records; family law; legal documents; resolution of identity theft and consumer fraud.
Listings of local colleges, including on-campus supports; degree and certificate vocational programs; financial aid (FAFSA, scholarships/grants, tuition waivers); academic counseling and free books/laptops.
Parenting supports for family housing, visitation, and childcare; education on early childhood and parenting; parent support groups; reproductive health services; Planned Parenthood and WIC.
Pathways to jobs/career; work experience including internships, summer youth employment; pre- employment supports, including work readiness training, free interview/work clothing; financial literacy.
Referrals for housing (youth shelters, transitional and permanent low-income); support for transportation, food, free cell phones; assistance with financial planning, including taxes.
Supports for tutoring and test preparation; TAY educational rights; alternative high school completion; ILP support for college prep, senior expenses; advocacy for special education and disciplinary actions.
Referrals to doctors taking MediCal for health, dental, vision, and substance abuse; counseling/therapy services; sexual and reproductive health resources, and advocacy for MediCal eligibility.
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