Being accepted to UCLA is more than a badge of honor. It's a responsibility. As a student, you will be charged with impacting the world from the moment you step on campus. You will be given every resource and opportunity that comes with the second-highest ranked public university in the nation. You will be supported and guided by faculty who are the foremost experts in their field.Whether you're enrolling in our undergraduate program or pursuing a graduate degree, UCLA provides a reach and scope of academic experience that has a reputation for producing world-renowned, highly influential, game-changing graduates. To learn more about Admissions, the process, and requirements, check out the following link:

Service Planning Area:
SPA 5: West
UCLA Undergraduate Admission 1147 Murphy Hall, Box 951436
Monday-Friday: 8:00 am-5:00 pm

UCLA accepts applications from first-time freshmen and junior-level transfer students. See more about eligibility here 

How Best To Access

File a University of California Application for Admission and Scholarships. Use one application to apply to up to 9 UC campuses. Read more>