College Sponsorship

College Sponsorship

College Sponsorship provides financial assistance for foster youth to attend four year colleges/universities without the fear of an overwhelming financial burden and offers support services and personalized attention to recipients, with the goal of increasing college graduation rates for foster youth. Program services include: 

  • Financial Assistance
    $3,000 per year for three to five years to help with school-related necessities like books, clothing, dorm fees, computer costs, transportation, and other living expenses
  • Relationships
    Interactive, ongoing relationships with UFC program staff and fellow Sponsorship recipients
  • Internships
    Summer internship placements
  • Post-Graduation
    Assistance with graduate school applications and post-graduation planning
Service Planning Area:
SPA 4: Metro LA
1055 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1955, Los Angeles, CA
Monday–Friday: 9:00 am–5:00 pm
  • Current or former Los Angeles County foster who are/were ILP eligible and are 23 years-old or younger (includes Kin-GAP, or ILP eligible legal guardianship, or adoption)
  • High school seniors with a cumulative 2.8 GPA or above and plans to enter a four-year
  • Community college students with a cumulative 2.8 GPA or above and plans to transfer to a four-year university
  • Students who are committed to fulfilling their educational goals
How Best To Access

Please contact Carolina Diaz, Outreach & Recruitment Coordinator, for more information – or 213.580.1850. 

Services Contact

Carolina Diaz l 213.580.1850 l