The Department provides the following benefits and services to low-income residents of Los Angeles County: Temporary financial assistance and employment services for families and individuals; Free and low-cost health care insurance for families with children, pregnant women and aged/blind/disabled adults; Food benefits for families and individuals; In-home services for elderly and disabled individuals; and Financial assistance and advocacy for federal disability benefits for disabled individuals.

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Service Planning Area:
SPA 6: South
211 E. Alondra Blvd., Compton, CA
Monday-Friday: 8:00 am-5:00 pm

Reside in California and intend to stay;Have an eligible child(ren) or are pregnant and;One or both parents are absent from the home, deceased or disabled; orBoth parents are in the home, but the principal wage earner is either unemployed or working less than 100 hours per month at the time they apply for assistance.Be a United States citizen or a lawful immigrant;Have a Social Security number or have applied for one;Have a net monthly income less than the maximum aid payment for family size;Have less than $2,250 in cash, bank, accounts and other resources ($3,250 if disabled or 60 years or older);Provide proof of immunizations for all children under the age of six;Cooperate with child support requirements, unless exempt;Participate in welfare-to-work activities; and Perform 20 hours per week of WtW related activities for a single-adults with a child under six years old; 30 hours per week for single-adults with no children under six years old; and 35 hours per week for two-parent families (hours may be combined between both parents).

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The Customer Service Center (CSC) answers questions, provides case information, and updates case records of participants.