Leavey-OB Clinic

Leavey-OB Clinic

St. John’s core clinical services are provided in a medical home setting. St. John's provide patients with their own care team and assigned primary care physician. Services include: Medical, Dental, Pediatric, Women's Health, Men's Health, Homeless Health Services, Transgender Health Program, and STD Testing.

Service Planning Area:
SPA 6: South
3628 East Imperial Hwy., Lynwood, CA
Suite #301
Monday-Friday: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

At St. John’s, anyone is eligible to receive services, no matter their ability to pay. We accept Medi-Cal, Medicare and many other insurance plans. We have benefits counselors at all of our health centers to help patients determine their eligibility for insurance programs. For uninsured patients we offer services on a sliding scale cash basis. For a full list of insurance and payment options visit http://www.wellchild.org/insurance/

How Best To Access

To schedule or cancel an appointment, please call 310.900.7365