Scholars Rising Program

Scholars Rising Program

Scholars Rising is a High School Outreach Program designed to connect current foster youth with direct access to resources within higher education through the Los Angeles City College (LACC) Guardian Scholars Program (GSP). Students will take an eight-week one-unit CSU transferable course at LACC every Wednesday. Scholars Rising offers the following perks: bus tokens, food is provided in every class session, and a university campus tour, and mentoring. Students who complete the Scholars Rising Program successfully will receive a stipend!

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SPA 4: Metro LA
Student Services Village

For high school, foster youth who are juniors or seniors.

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Contact Marisol Aguilar at 323.953.4000 ext. 2345 or via email at  to enroll in the program

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Marisol Aguilar l 323.953.4000 ext. 2345 l