Village of Hope

Village of Hope

Our community of caring providers offers stability and security to the youngest members of our community, as well as access to critical health and mental health services to ensure a lifetime of positive health.

Service Planning Area:
SPA 4: Metro LA
2330 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA

HHCLA provides free services to all clients who meet eligibility admission criteria. An individual is chronically homeless if his/her nighttime residence is either an emergency shelter or on the streets, parks, car, abandoned building, or transitional shelter. In addition, the individual must be 18-25 years old, reside in Los Angeles County and have a substance use disorder, mental health disorder or co-occurring substance use and mental health disorder. Prospective clients agree to participate in at least two Village of Hope (VOH) groups per week, one drug counseling/case management session; and a weekly therapy session as arranged.

Services Contact

Ariel Rosenbloom | 213.381.0547 | arosenbloom@hhcla@org | Maria Ortez | 213.381.0555 | | Dario Sanchez | 213.381.0557 |