Toro Guardian Scholars (TGS)

Toro Guardian Scholars (TGS)

TGS provides scholarship support and the opportunity that is necessary to change the lives of individuals pursuing an undergraduate degree. In addition to student development and leadership opportunities, TGS program offers: priority registration; academic support and tutoring for classes; book grants; access to no-cost and low-cost health services; resources for internships; career counseling; financial literacy; on campus networking opportunities; special events; peer mentorship for support and guidance; housing resources; and student development and leadership opportunities.

East Academic Complex 300, Carson, CA

Current and former foster youth of all ages.

How Best To Access

To apply for the TGS program, please submit the following with your application: 1.Your Student Aid Report (SAR) 2.Ward of the court letter or letter from a social worker 3. A copy of a government issued I.D. Download and print the application here: . All applications must be submitted to EAC 300. Please call to inquire about application deadlines.

Services Contact

Danielle Chamber 310.243.2143