Para Los Ninos

Para Los Ninos

We provide seamless, integrated and comprehensive academic, workforce and post-secondary education preparation and training, including paid and unpaid work experience, basic skills training, computer literacy, mentoring, career counseling, job placement, case management, and other activities. Para Los Niños also provides paid work experience to hundreds of youth every year. Our goal is to place young people on the path to living wage jobs with career ladders. Recognizing that the best path to higher lifelong earnings is a good education, Youth Workforce Services (YWS) reengages disconnected youth back in school and encourages and motivates high school students to stay in school.  We provide assistance to young people ages 14 to 24 in meeting graduation and admission requirements, as well as applying for financial aid and scholarships. YWS offers linkage to after-school tutoring, art workshops, music workshops, leadership building events, college visits, SAT preparation classes, peer and adult mentoring, and field trips — services provided by our center and other agency programs. YWS supportive services include tuition and book reimbursement, bus tokens, gas reimbursement, food and clothing vouchers, childcare referrals, mental health referrals, and a variety of services to support the youth and their families. YWS provides placements in unsubsidized work experiences, paid internships, and opportunities to complete work-readiness training under qualified, caring, experienced professionals.

Service Planning Area:
SPA 4: Metro LA
500 Lucas Ave., Los Angeles, CA

Ages 14-24

Services Contact

Jorge Orozco, Director of Youth Workforce Services l 323.275.9309 l