Parenting Classes

All People's Community Center

All Peoples Community Center was established as a Family Resource Center in 1942. We provide a variety of programs to meet the needs of the residents in the surrounding community. Programs include: Education and Adult & Family.

Service Planning Area:
SPA 6: South
822 E 20th St., Los Angeles, CA

Youth and Family Programs

Youth and Family Programs are engaged in a wide spectrum of programs committed to providing prevention, intervention and diversion services. Services Include: Parenting Classes (Parent Project); Anger Management Classes;Individual, Group and Family Counseling; Case Management; Parent Support Groups; Mentoring; Recreational/Field Trips; Substance Abuse Education; Academic Support; Community Assistance; Referrals & Information; Cultural Activities; and Supportive Services.

Service Planning Area:
SPA 6: South
4625 Crenshaw Blvd., Los Angeles, CA

Pacoima FamilySource Center

El Nido is honored to lead the FamilySource Center efforts in Pacoima and partner in this collaborative project with some of the best organizations in the San Fernando Valley. Collectively, we have created a true neighborhood center, offering services including; counseling, parent education, employment assistance, legal aid, financial literacy, adult education, tutoring/homework assistance, recreational and cultural activities, youth leadership development, and community events.

Service Planning Area:
SPA 2: San Fernando Valley
11243 Glenoaks Blvd., Pacoima, CA

AltaMed Youth Services

AltaMed’s youth programs provide teens with health information and education with the goal of decreasing the number of teenage pregnancies and improving health outcomes. Our programs are designed to help teen mothers and their partners understand the health, social and economic challenges of having a child at a young age. In addition to health education, we provide parenting education and support for continued educational advancement. Read more >

Service Planning Area:
SPA 8: South Bay
711 East Wardlow Rd., Suite 203, Long Beach, CA

Community Build FamilySource Center

Community Build is a non-profit community development corporation established in 1992 in response to the conditions that led to the Los Angeles Civil Unrest of 1992. Its youth outreach prioritizes comprehensive and wrap-around services for at-risk youth, out-of-school youth, foster youth, youth offenders, gang-involved youth, and first-generation college bound youth. Community Build believes that youth, young adults and their families are a tremendous resource deserving investment and enabling their active participation as contributors to the local and global economies.

Service Planning Area:
SPA 6: South
8730 S. Vermont Avenue Los Angeles, CA

El Nido Family Centers

El Nido provides services at schools, community locations and the home, focusing its efforts in five core program areas: Child Abuse Prevention & Treatment, Parent Education & Family Development, Teen Parent Family Services, and Youth Development.

Service Planning Area:
SPA 6: South
3965 South Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90037

The Greater Watts Child Care Center

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Provides one of the only infant care programs in the community, a community where over 48.1% of the families are female-headed, single parent families. GWCCC uses a sliding pay scale, based on a family's total income, to determine the amount each family pays for GWCCC's child care and development services. GWCCC's program consists of educational, recreational, and cultural enrichment activities, parenting classes, and family management workshops.

Service Planning Area:
SPA 6: South
10950 S. Central Ave. Watts, CA

Visiting Nurse Program

A bilingual Registered Nurse makes home visits to teen mothers who have complicated pregnancies or medically fragile infants. The nurse provides assessments, education and hands-on care to promote children’s optimal health and development. Prenatal care classes and mothers’ support group led by the nurse gives teens a forum in which they can share information with each other while learning about baby care, healthy behaviors and pregnancy prevention.

8473 Van Ness Ave. Suite 102, 104 & 107 Inglewood, CA

Echo Parenting

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Discussion groups, theory, role-playing and specific problem solving and topics such as empathy and healing are part of the curriculum. The class gives adults a framework to think about their actions as parents and discover what children truly need to thrive as healthy human beings. Together they learn methods that teach them to create the best possible connection with children, emphasizing respect for the life force of the child. They learn to become emotional coaches to their children; building unconditional acceptance, affection, appreciation, autonomy and attention.

Service Planning Area:
SPA 4: Metro LA
1226 N. Alvarado St., Los Angeles, CA