Building Partnerships to Improve the Lives of Foster Youth

The LA Opportunity Youth Collaborative (OYC) is building a community of organizations working in concert to ensure that every youth is served in a holistic way.

Our Vision

Transition age foster youth in Los Angeles County have the knowledge and skills to allow them to achieve economic mobility and flourish in their personal lives.

Co-Coveners of the OYC

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Our Campaigns

Foster Youth at Work
Foster Youth College Advancement Project
OYC Young Leaders

OYF Common Measures

The LAOYC originated in 2013 through the Aspen Institute’s Forum for Community Solutions—Opportunity Youth Forum (OYF), a national network of urban, rural, and tribal communities seeking to improve education and employment pathways for opportunity youth.  Opportunity youth are individuals aged 16-24 who are or have previously been disconnected from school and work or have connections to the child welfare, justice, and/or homeless systems.


Opportunity youth have historically been difficult to count, as they are defined as a group which does not appear in either of two data sets – those in an educational program and those not working. With the OYF Common Measures, however, we can calculate—for each unique geographic area of an OYF collaborative—the overall opportunity youth disconnection rate, and the disconnection rates for high school, post-secondary and workforce annually for the entire community.


This two-page infographic describes the state of the Opportunity Youth Forum Common Measures for 2021 in summary, across the entire Aspen network.

The four measures are:
Overall community disconnection rate:

The rate of young people disconnected from work and school (i.e., opportunity youth; note systems involved youth are not included).

High school disconnection rate:

The rate of young people without a high school diploma/GED and not working who are disconnected from high school.

Post-secondary disconnection rate:

The rate of young people with a high school diploma/GED but without a postsecondary credential, who are disconnected from postsecondary education and not working.

Workforce disconnection rate:

The rate of young people with a postsecondary credential but not enrolled in postsecondary—who are disconnected from the workforce.

Get Connected

LADWP Summer Youth Internship Program is an 8 week program! Open positions include clerical positions in various departments: Engineering, geology, HV AC & DC Stations, Water

1. Must be an LAUSD student
2. A current junior or senior
3. Must have a 2.5 GPA or higher
4. Legally able to work in the US
5. Can provide proof of vaccination

Send your Cover letter and resume to Yesenia Mojarro @ -Specify preferred department!


Register here:

The SLATE-Z Foster Youth Planning Committee presents: THE TAY EXPERIENCE WELLNESS EXPO! 🎉
This event will take place on Thursday May 23 1-4:30pm at the Los Angeles Trade Technical College
Culinary Arts Center – E3 400 W Washington Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90015 #fostercare #tay

Seen&Heard is pleased to support youth seeking to pass their written drivers exam with 4 study groups during the month of June. Every Tuesday night at 7pm on zoom, young people will be led through an interactive and fun “quiz show” style meeting. Facilitated by a Seen&Heard staff and Alumni Leader (who just passed their written exam) this is a youth-centered and inclusive space for youth 15-23.

Check out @seenandheardla bio to sign up!

Internship opportunity for youth with lived experience in the foster care system! Child Trends is hiring two interns to join their Child Welfare team, and work with a group of staff on a project focused on supporting transition age foster youth and examining whether investments improve youth services and outcomes for young people in three cities.