Building Partnerships to Improve the Lives of Foster Youth

The LA Opportunity Youth Collaborative (OYC) is building a community of organizations working in concert to ensure that every youth is served in a holistic way.

Our Vision

Transition age foster youth in Los Angeles County have the knowledge and skills to allow them to achieve economic mobility and flourish in their personal lives.

Co-Coveners of the OYC

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Our Campaigns

Foster Youth at Work
Foster Youth College Advancement Project
OYC Young Leaders

OYF Common Measures

The LAOYC originated in 2013 through the Aspen Institute’s Forum for Community Solutions—Opportunity Youth Forum (OYF), a national network of urban, rural, and tribal communities seeking to improve education and employment pathways for opportunity youth.  Opportunity youth are individuals aged 16-24 who are or have previously been disconnected from school and work or have connections to the child welfare, justice, and/or homeless systems.


Opportunity youth have historically been difficult to count, as they are defined as a group which does not appear in either of two data sets – those in an educational program and those not working. With the OYF Common Measures, however, we can calculate—for each unique geographic area of an OYF collaborative—the overall opportunity youth disconnection rate, and the disconnection rates for high school, post-secondary and workforce annually for the entire community.


This two-page infographic describes the state of the Opportunity Youth Forum Common Measures for 2021 in summary, across the entire Aspen network.

The four measures are:
Overall community disconnection rate:

The rate of young people disconnected from work and school (i.e., opportunity youth; note systems involved youth are not included).

High school disconnection rate:

The rate of young people without a high school diploma/GED and not working who are disconnected from high school.

Post-secondary disconnection rate:

The rate of young people with a high school diploma/GED but without a postsecondary credential, who are disconnected from postsecondary education and not working.

Workforce disconnection rate:

The rate of young people with a postsecondary credential but not enrolled in postsecondary—who are disconnected from the workforce.

Get Connected

Considering college opportunities? 🧑‍🎓 Join this exciting in-person tour of LA Pierce Community College, LA Mission Community College & LA Valley Community College! Discover the amazing opportunities that await you at their location.

Register here by April 11: #probationyouth #lacounty

Join us for an informative and resource rich training on better understanding the service needs and available resources for immigrants in Los Angeles County. The training will provide an overview and update on the DACA program, immigrant rights as they pertain to documentation and travel, along with a wealth of resources to help immigrants better navigate mental health, housing, education, etc. in Los Angeles.

Tuesday, April 9th 10-11:30am

The Rainbow Labs One Bold Summer applications are now open! If you are 12-18 years old and interested in making friends with other queer youth, learning about storytelling & entrepreneurship, and going on field trips in Los Angeles – apply for this exciting summer program! 🌈

Here is the link to the application:

#youthprograms #losangelesyouth

Empowering Our Youth: Beyond This Moment. Anti-Violence Youth Conference

Take part in this exciting and impactful event aimed at empowering youth and promoting an end to violence this Saturday, March 23rd from 11:30am to 5:00pm. This in-person conference will be held at 1305 East Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach, CA, USA or the LBCC PCH Campus.

Register here:

Twinspire will be hosting community hikes every other month for supporters, donors, staff, and youth to connect. 🥾 The next hike will be Saturday, May 11th at the Culver City Stairs. Snacks will be provided.

Email for more information