“The Opportunity Youth Collaborative is a profound example of how cross-sector partnerships can create innovation. When everyone contributes, we can ensure our transition age foster youth leave care with the resources, skills and ability to achieve their dreams.”

Angela Parks-Pyles Department of Children and Family Services

Our Goals


High School Proficiency and Graduation

75% of foster youth are performing below grade level 

59% complete high school in four-years, compared to 83% of all students  

High school proficiency and graduation is a key predictor of, and often essential for, occupational success and positive social outcomes.

With this new strategic focus, we will strive to ensure that our youth achieve educational equity in their high school experience, preparing them for post-secondary education and the workplace.


  • High School stability
  • Grade-level proficiency
  • High School graduation


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Post-secondary Education

33% completed the FAFSA, as compared to 42% of general population

50% enroll in college; 4% complete a two- or four-year degree by age 24, as compared to 36% of the general population 

We seek to increase post-secondary enrollment, persistence, and completion rates for youth who have experienced foster care. Post-secondary education is the key to enabling youth to achieve long-term economic security whether it be career technical education, vocational training programs or a 2-year or 4-year college degree.


  • Financial aid application completion
  • Direct post-secondary enrollment
  • Post-secondary persistence
  • Post-secondary completion


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Employment and a
Thriving Career

67% will be unemployed at age 19 

57% were employed at age 21 

50% will be unemployed by age 24 

For youth, a prosperous career often starts with pre-employment support, work readiness training, and meaningful work experience.

Our goal is to provide youth who have experienced foster care a viable pathway to their long-term career goals. 


  • Work readiness training
  • Early career exploration
  • Work experience/Internships
  • Apprenticeships
  • Employment and retention
  • Increased wages

Our Campaigns

Foster Youth at Work
Foster Youth College Advancement Project
OYC Young Leaders

Our Impact

in 2023


young adults and practitioners reached across 139 trainings and convenings

0 %

of foster youth who were placed in a subsidized work experience completed training

0 M

in funding for direct educational support services for K-12 foster youth


convenings connecting young adults who experienced foster care to systems leaders


caregivers trained through newly-launched online caregiver training on Foster Parent College